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At IKIGAI, the Enric Carreras wants to take the path of the CD PRESAGIS. It is, therefore, an effective work, full and full of contrasting registers, with melodies of great lyricism and complex and meticulous arrangements..

Enric Carreras


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Terrassa (March 1, 1971) is a composer, arranger, pianist and keyboardist.ò


As a leader:

  • NEGRE FOSC” (Temps Record, 2000). Soundtrack to a dance show.
  • L’ENIGMA DE SHIBAM” (Temps Record, 2005). New Age.
  • OFF THE RECORD”, with l’ENRIC CARRERAS ECLECTIC PROJECT (Temps Record 2007). Jazz-fusion.
  • FLORES SILVESTRES” (Temps Record, 2012). Original Soundtrack of the film of the same name, directed by Mikel Ardanaz.
  • “PRESAGIS” (Temps Record, 2014). New age, symphonic, contemporary.
  • “ABSÈNCIES” (Anacrusi, 2016). New age, contemporary, Mediterranean.
  • “IKIGAI” (Temps Record, 2021). New age, symphonic, contemporary.

As a member of other groups:

  • PARABÒLIC”, with Josep Soto Quintet and the collaboration of PAQUITO D’RIVERA (PICAP, 2001)
  • MO MEM SA”, with Erwyn’s Sega 4 (Temps Record, 2003)
  • CAMÍ”, a CD and DVD with Jazzspirit and Josep Maria Farràs (trumpet) (Temps Record, 2004)
  • BEYOND MY MIND”, with Erwyn Seerutton (PAE, 2005)
  • GROC”, by Josep Soto Quintet (Temps Record, 2009)
  • “ALLÀ ON VAGIS”, with Kailash Quartet. (Anacrusi 2015). Jazz.

As a composer he has made forays into a wide variety of styles, from symphonic music to jazz, to new-age, funky and contemporary music.

He has composed songs for different types of formats:

  • Cinema: Author of the soundtracks of the films:
    ▪ “FLORES SILVESTRES”, (by MIKEL ARDANAZ (co-production Euskal Telebista, T-Forma i Glimpse)
    ▪ “ESTENENT PONTS”, by Antoni Verdaguer.
    ▪ “LA SEU D’ÈGARA”, documentary directed by Antoni Verdaguer.
  • Advertising: Usually composes tunes for companies in the advertising field.
    He has composed music for commercials for multiple advertisers, including Seat, Balay, Vox, Interlingua, etc. He has also conducted election polls for various political parties.
  • Television: He has created the soundtrack for numerous series and documentaries broadcast by Televisión Española, Canal Satélite Digital, TV3, Canal 33 and Euskal Telebista. In this sense, “Caminos sin memoria”, “Conservar para vivir”, “Secretos del mar”, “Un mar de arte”, “Por amor” or “Mis nuevos amigos” should be highlighted.
    He has also tuned in to programs such as TV3’s “A Ritme de Pedal”, “Prismes” (Canal Terrassa Vallès) and “L’Informatiu” (TVT).
  • Theatre: He has composed, among others, the music for the shows:
    ▪ “EL TRASPÀS”, written and directed by ELOI FALGUERA.
    ▪ “7D7”, written and directed by PEP ORIOL.
    ▪ “LA ESCUELA” by the Compañía Ana Moya in Madrid.
  • Ballet: He is the author of the music for the show “Negre Fosc”, by the Esbart Terrassa. From this soundtrack came his first CD. The CD was the subject of a special program on the “HIDROGEN” space on Channel 33.
  • Production: From the CD “LLESQUES” by the singer-songwriter Anton Abad (a project by the producer VESC). He has also produced for singer-songwriter Cesk Freixas, and has recorded the pianos and keyboards of two of his last two albums.
  • Institutional Video: Among others, he has created the soundtrack of the audiovisual “LA SEU D’ÈGARA” (by Antoni Verdaguer, to promote the candidacy of this monumental ensemble as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO), “ THE CITY OF CINEMA ”(by Antoni Verdaguer),“ The Barcelona we are doing ”, by BARCELONA CITY COUNCIL. He composed the music for a video-wall commissioned by SANT CUGAT CITY COUNCIL to promote this city and an audiovisual for Construmat. He is also the author of the music for the DVD “Floquet de Neu” of Barcelona City Council, which was distributed by El Periódico de Catalunya.
  • CD-ROM: He has carried out several projects for companies: CD-LAB, BARCELONA LÍMIT, BSI MULTIMÈDIA and HANDMADE, among others. One of these CD-ROMs has won the Möbius International Award.
  • Other: Three of his songs have been finalists in the program “ÈXIT”, organized by Catalunya Ràdio and TV3 (2 with the group DESH-BAND and the other with MR. FUNK).

He studied jazz piano with Ignasi Terraza and classical piano with Josep Ignasi Gómez and Joan Aloy. Also for harmony and orchestration with conductor and trombonist John DuBuclet.

It integrates the following groups:

  • ENRIC CARRERAS ECLECTIC PROJECT, a jazz-fusion quintet open to very different trends (from jazz to funk, Brazilian music, Mediterranean colors or certain new age touches). With this line-up he has recorded the album “OFF THE RECORD” (with the label Temps Record).
    He is accompanied in this project by JORDI SANTANACH (saxophones and flute), PABLO FERNÁNDEZ (guitars), XAVI MARCO (bass) and CIDAO TRINDADE (drums and percussion). The group has performed, among other stages, at the Barcelona Jamboree or the Terrassa Jazz Festival.
  • JAZZSPIRIT & JOSEP MARIA FARRÀS, with ADRIÀ FONT (drums), CARLES PINEDA (saxophone) and PEP COCA (double bass). With this hard-bop formation he has performed at various Jazz Festivals, and has participated in the program “L’ENTORN” (on TV3) and “EL MATÍ DE CATALUNYA RÀDIO” (by Antoni Bassas).With JAZZSPIRIT he has just recorded the CD “CAMÍ”, at the Nova Jazz Cava in Terrassa. The work also includes a DVD with a making of the recording and some unpublished images about the conditioning works of the old Jazz Cava in Terrassa.
  • CARLES PINEDA Jr QUARTET: The magnificent voice of Carles Pineda Jr. presides over this interesting band, which has as its central axis the jazz standards, starring in this case a male voice (unusual, nowadays). Pep Coca (double bass) and Oriol Cot (drums) complete the group.Passing through Ellington, Gershwin or Billy Strayhorn, his repertoire is inspired by crooners such as Johnny Hartman, Chet Baker and Al Jarreau. His live shows move between moments of great intimacy and real explosions of swing and optimism.
  • JOSEP SOTO QUINTET, with CIDON TRINDADE (drums), CHRISTIAN GRÜNER (bass) and XESCO GRAU (flute and percussion) and -often- with the vocalist CARME CANELA. It is a group that fuses Brazilian music, jazz, flamenco and classical.
    He has performed with this group in the Calle 54 in Madrid, in the Barcelona Guitar Festival, in the San Javier Jazz Festival (Murcia), in the Terrassa Jazz Festival, and in the main venues in the country, such as L’Espai, Luz de Gas, Jamboree, la Boîte, Barcelona Pipa Club, Nova Jazz Cava de Terrassa… This group has performed on TV3 programs “Les 1000 i UNA NITS”, “La Cosa Nostra” and “Els Matins de TV3”.With this quintet he recorded the album “PARABÒLIC” (PICAP, 2001), with the collaboration of PAQUITO D’RIVERA and RAYNALD COLOM. The CD was one of 15 nominated for the GRAMMY in 2001, in the Latin music section. The band also has a second album (“GROC”).
  • ERWYN SEERUTTON GROUP: This very original group fuses the traditional music of Mauritius (where Seerutton is natural) with jazz, gospel and funk. This combination of styles, almost unheard of, results in a vibrant proposal, of great warmth and sensuality, with an eminently ethnic look but enriched with the harmonies and solos of jazz. The band has recorded two albums: “MO MEM SA” (Temps Record, 2003) and “BEYOND MY MIND” (PAE, 2005)❑ Throughout his career, Enric Carreras has played with musicians such as JOSEP MARIA FARRÀS, CARME CANELA, ROGER BLÀVIA, XAVIER FIGUEROLA, CESC MIRALTA, JOSEP CUCURELLA, JOAN RECTORET, GUIM G. BALASCH, JOAN ALBERT, DANI ALONSO, RAYNALD COLOM, PHILLIPE COLOM, HORACIO FUMERO, CHRIS HIGGINS, GENI BARRI, ERROL WOISKI, JOAN MASSATS, ROB CITRON, DAVE MITCHELL, NÉSTOR MUNT, SABINE, ENILDO RASÚA, TONI SOLÀ, etc.

❑ Degree in Law (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 1995).

❑ In addition to his musical work, he has performed several radio and television programs:

▪ For 10 seasons he presented the program “JAZZ FM” on COM Ràdio. The program won a Special Mention in the Communication Awards of the Barcelona Provincial Council.


▪ On Canal Terrassa TV he presented the news and various programs, such as “La Ciutat a fons”, “Debat Obert”, “Ciutadanes” or “Prismes”.

▪ On the Local Television Network (la Xarxa) he has directed and presented “JAZZ TERRASSA”, a space for monitoring the activity of the Terrassa Jazz Festivals.

▪ In Barcelona Televisió he has been a collaborator of the program “BARCELONA ZAPPING”.

❑ He has given numerous talks and lectures on Jazz and also on Composition.