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At IKIGAI, the Enric Carreras wants to take the path of the CD PRESAGIS. It is, therefore, an effective work, full and full of contrasting registers, with melodies of great lyricism and complex and meticulous arrangements..



Release Date: January 23,2016
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1. Absències
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2. Aiguaneix
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3. No Miris Enrere
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4. Passatges
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5. Vidres d_aigua
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6. Havanera
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7. Jocs
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8. Horitzons
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9. Ingràvid
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10. Cadències
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11. Empremtes
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12. Presències
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13. Plugim
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14. Rendició
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About New Album


  • 2016
  • Label: Anacrusi
  • Musicians: Enric Carreras (piano and keyboards), Roc Calvet (guitar), Pep Coca (double bass)


After the exuberance and effectualism of PRESAGIS, ABSENCES is characterized by sobriety and simplicity, as most of the songs are played on piano solo.

It is an album that the Enric Carreras dedicated to his father, who died suddenly in 2014. The CD is a compilation of the songs that the author composed in the months immediately following, isolated in a village in the middle of Montseny .

ABSENCES is a work presided over by melancholy, but it is not – at all – tearful: there are moments of sadness, but there is also room for peace and the evocation of fond memories of his childhood.

The album has been especially well received by his fans.

Work is underway on a new edition of the project, in piano and string quartet format. Enric Carreras and the QUARTET BROSSA have already presented a tasting at the prestigious concert hall PAU CASALS (El Vendrell, Barcelona).