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At IKIGAI, the Enric Carreras wants to take the path of the CD PRESAGIS. It is, therefore, an effective work, full and full of contrasting registers, with melodies of great lyricism and complex and meticulous arrangements..


Off the Record

Release Date: February 22, 2008
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1. Deep Groove
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2. De Nou
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3. Setantejant
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4. terra Foc Fusta
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5. Enjoy Life
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6. Pavana
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7. Off the Record
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8. Larry al Park
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9. Funkster
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10. Paral·lel
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About New Album

03: OFF THE RECORD (amb Enric Carreras Eclectic Project):

  • Year: 2008
  • Label: Temps Record
  • Musicians: Enric Carreras (piano i teclats), Jordi Santanach (saxos i flauta travessera), Pablo Fernández (guitarres), Xavi Marco (baix) i Cidao Trindade (bateria i percussió)


Enric Carreras has always had two musical souls, so opposed that it is often surprising that the results belong to the same composer:

  • A whiter, more European soul, straddling the new age, classical music, electronica and the Mediterranean air. Reminiscent of some of EC’s favorite authors, such as Mike Oldfield, Andreas Volenweider, Paul Winter, Frederic Mompou, Claude Debussy, Karl Jenkins and Paul Halley, can be seen in this record. To this area belong the discs NEGRE FOSC, L’ENIGMA DE SHIBAM, PRESAGIS,, ABSÈNCIES or the imminent IKIGAI.
  • And a darker soul, passionate about jazz, funk, fusion, Brazilian music or flamenco, following in the footsteps of creators like Pat Metheny, Lyle Mays, Weather Report, Steps Ahead, Roy Hargrove, Keith Jarrett or Carles Benavent.

Well, OFF THE RECORD is part of this second aspect. In order to bring their jazz-fusion compositions to the stage, the Enric Carreras is promoting a group (the Enric Carreras Eclectic Project), with whom they will record this album and with whom they will give numerous concerts all over the country, with fast-paced live shows full of grooves. .

Other EC CDs in the field of jazz and fusion are CAMÍ (with Jazzspirit & Josep Maria Farràs), ALLÀ ON VAGIS (with KAILASH), MO MEM SA and BEYOND MY MIND (with Erwyn’s Seerutton Sega Four) or PARABOLIC and GROC (with Josep Soto Quintet).